Kippahs, Kippot, Bulk Kipot Kippah & bulk Kippot. Custom printed Wedding Kippahs, Bar Mitzvah Kippahs,Bat Mitzvah Kippot & Yarmulkes.

In Kippot4less®, we consider ourselves crazier than our own customers. We think that every order should be matched with accessories. Remember that we are not making just kippahs for you. We´re creating an outstanding experience that has never been created by anyone else.

Feel free to match:

  • Kippahs, Tyes, Bags, Tefilim Bags, Challah Covers, Tzitziot, Textile Invitations and many other crazy things that we can create for you.

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Are Kippahs and these items too expensive?

  • Many people think that buying kippahs for their event is a waste of money, and they should look for the cheapest one, that can be able to do the job in their simcha and nothing else.

Our Point of View:

  • Every family have different kind of events throughout their lives. Each of those events are really an opportunity for the family to share with others that incredible moment. People expend big amounts of money in irrelevant things that will end in the trash can, and always forget the most important things that they should focus on.

  • Kippahs are rememberings, not just for the guests, but also for the hosting family. Each kippah represent and immortalize those memories, those laughs, and that incredible time spent with the loved ones.

  • After some years, the family will look again at that special Kippah and remember all those great things.

  • Life is short, and life is build upon rememberings. The money is worthless when comparing it whith a special moment. 

We invite you to celebrate life with us; to celebrate that we have the loved ones being part of our joy. We invite you to see our kippahs with different eyes, cause the kippahs are memories, and memories bring us back to life.

 We are not selling you a just a kippah. We are helping you in that opportunity you have of celebrating life.

May G´d give us all the opportunity of celebrating life, now and always.

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Personalized Kippahs and Bulk Custom Yarmulkes by Kippot4less. Providing Personalized kippot, Yarmulkes and Kippahs for all your bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding and other simchas. Our kippahs are custom-made from top quality materials, beautifully personalized and hand crafted.

Personalized Bar Mitzvah Yarmulkes & Wedding Kippot Kippahs, Providing Personalized Yarmulkes and Kippahs for all your bar mitzvah, wedding and any other simchas. Cool kippahs' Kipot are custom-made from top quality materials, beautifully personalized and hand crafted.